Outdoor Education Summits

The Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition (OOEC) is creating a statewide network that builds public support for outdoor education programs and place-based, hands-on education, including a series of Outdoor Education Summits in key regions across the state. 

The Outdoor Education Summits will advance the case that outdoor education is not only an essential part of who we are as humans and as Oregonians, but also the key to having healthy communities, skilled workers, and high-performing students. 

To be effective, outdoor education needs to be integrated throughout the curriculum in every classroom in Oregon with connected, sustained opportunities for each and every studentregardless of background, geography, or ethnicityto fully participate in these critical learning experiences. With your help, we WILL make it happen!

In a one-day meeting format, local teams comprised of education leadership, business professionals, community leaders, policy-makers, environmental and outdoor educators, activists and volunteers will work together and across disciplines to:

  • Acquire and share knowledge about the myriad benefits of and opportunities for outdoor education for all children, particularly in light of current cultural trends  
  • Develop collaborative relationships, network with attendees from a variety of organizations and connect to the broader movement for place-based outdoor education
  • Build communication skills and learn how to convey key messages about the importance of outdoor education to various audiences 
  • Gather concrete ideas for integrating outdoor learning across the educational spectrum

A key takeaway for participants will be an Outdoor Education Summit Toolkit for incorporating outdoor education into local programs.

These meetings will be led by the OOEC with the collaboration of diverse local community partners. 

Although general goals are the same, each regional Outdoor Education Summit will reflect the direct and specific needs of that part of Oregon in terms of priorities and programming. Therefore, the agenda for each Outdoor Education Summit will vary according to the region's needs, expertise, and resources.

Please plan on joining us!


  • Central Oregon, September 27, 2016
  • Portland Metro, February 8, 2017
  • Coast and Mid-valley, spring 2017

If you’d like to participate in an Outdoor Education Summit in your area, please contact Alicia Brady.