The OutdoorStories Project

Storytelling is uniquely human.

It helps us to make sense of our important experiences, pass on knowledge, express big ideas, and connect to others and to our environment in meaningful ways.

That is why OOEC launched the OutdoorStories Project—written and oral narrations of education, transformation, personal growth and positive change created through outdoor educational experiences. 

These stories will help raise awareness about the myriad benefits of outdoor education programming, communicated directly by the individuals whose lives have been forever changed. They may also be used as a tool to better understand and educate the community on the impact of such programs by our coalition partners and statewide outdoor education advocates.

In late spring 2016, Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition's OutdoorStories Project began collecting, recording, documenting and disseminating more than 100 personal stories from Oregonians of all ages and backgrounds. These narratives told of the impact of Outdoor School and outdoor education on their lives. 

We are deeply invested in using this project to bolster underrepresented voices, striving to ensure visibility for rural and low-income Oregonians so their stories can be heard, as well as partnering with organizations that provide services to communities of color.

Spend some time here. Meet teachers, student attendees, parents of children who have participated in outdoor education programs and former teen program leaders and volunteers. Learn their stories. Hear their voices. Be changed, too.

Do you have a story about how Outdoor School, or another outdoor education experience, changed you?