Current Projects

OOEC collaborates with our partners to increase opportunities for outdoor education throughout the educational spectrum in many ways.


OOEC supported the campaign to secure permanent public funding for outdoor school programs via the November 2016 ballot initiative, Measure 99. It passed handily, with an overwhelming majority of the state voting "YES!" for Outdoor School for All. Now, OOEC is working closely with our partners to:

Ensure successful implementation and state program rollout

Publicly advocate for Outdoor School and other outdoor education programs.


OOEC launched a series of Outdoor Education Summits in partnership with OSU Extension in the fall of 2016; these Summits create innovative new partnerships, raise awareness of the benefits of outdoor education and develop outdoor education advocacy skills.


OOEC collects and curates The OutdoorStories Project, compiling personal anecdotes, in video, audio and/or print formats, about the transformational impact of outdoor education on the lives of Oregonians of all backgrounds.


OOEC collaborated with the Gray Family Foundation and Friends of Outdoor School to research and conduct a survey of residential camps serving Oregon. The survey:

Provides critical information to Oregon State University Extension Service about overnight capacity, past history and current willingness to host Outdoor School, and capacity to serve students of all abilities.

Assists OSU Extension in planning and implementation of the Outdoor School law.


Photo courtesy of Brina Bolanz